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    (re: treo180)

    i have two separate questions:

    -re: ear communicator is about nine months old and recently has begun to drop the sound from my earpiece. the people on the other end of the phone say they continue to hear me talking, but i do not hear them. the display is also ok during this outage, which lasts a long time but less than one minute. moving around a room doesnt help. this is a recent problem, which has occurred in a variety of places and with a variety of local and intl calls. (it is not related to my phone network, since i have had the problem using two different SIM cards within the same treo. the problem is clearly within the treo itself.) any advice? is this a common problem? what can i do?

    -re: synch software for mac.....i have recently switched to a MAC OSX operating environment from WIN98 (using Outlook and backed up to Palm desktop). so far i have not attempted to hook my treo to the mac. but that is because i want to have some advice from you about what software i should be using in the osx environment. which do you recommend for both sync-ing AND email. in other words, i would like to be able to integrate my treo with an email program on the mac so that i can search for email addresses etc within one program, rather than between programs. which software is recommended?

    thanks and regards for the answers.

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    Did you do a search on these forums first?? If so, you would have found lots of info and the answers to your questions (it's good forum ettiquette). You no doubt are experiencing the broken speaker wire in the hinge problem. Time to call HS and work on an exchange. As far as Treos on Macs, I do it daily. You need to load/install the version of Palm desktop found at HS. You can certainly use iSync and the mac Mail and Address book, but for me the issue is the way the Mac tracks phone/fax/mobile numbers as well as the way it handles custom fields. YMMV.

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