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    i have cingular for my 180 but i am interested in buying a 300 and trying out sprint. i saw the deal on amazon and i am not sure what happens if you buy from there and sign on to sprint and find your not getting a good signal in your home, if you can easily return it, cancel contract etc.
    anyone have comments about sprint in the raleigh/durham/chapel hill area?
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    Use my Treo 300 in Cary, Raleigh, Durham. Been in Chapel Hill, but don't recall using it...

    I live in the boonies (Garner/Clayton) and get 2-3 bars here.

    So far, very good service!

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    I was going to say that Spring in the Raleigh, Durham area was quite nice, especially in late spring when it doesn't get too cold.

    I have no idea how Sprint is, though. I have traveled through the area on business trips and had no difficulties. But that type of travel is the type of use that Sprint is good at. Business use, industrial and urban centers, airports, etc. Sprint is usually pretty good regardless of where you go, as long as you are in the metro areas. Its when you get home, and go into your basement that you have the trouble.
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    i have used my 300 several times in Raleigh and Durham, and never had any trouble. You would expect to have minimal trouble in these areas, however.
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    I've had the Treo 300 since last August. The reception has been fine in most cases. I live in Chapel Hill and at home I get one bar, but it is usable - I don't think I've ever been disconnected. Vision has worked pretty much anywhere that I've had voice capabilities. I was at SouthPoint Mall yesterday and used the Palm Net software to connect my laptop to the Internet and got about 50k up/down based on dslreports. I was on for at least an hour and did not get disconnected.

    My previous phone was a Samsung (N200 I think) and it had better reception than the Treo - and it is tri-band and could switch to analog mode if needed - something to consider since this is not possible with the treo.

    In summary, the 300 is probably not the best in terms of reception, but you certainly can do worse (Motorola Timeport comes to mind). The extra capabilities of the Treo more than make up for this though.

    Good Luck, -Juan
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    thanks! could you tell me roughly what sprints data service costs... sms/web browsing etc. i guess i could call but would probably get one answer, and then see another pricing plan on and another on sprints web site and i know if i go to best-buy or radio shack i will hear something else.
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    I'm on the 2000 minute plan which includes unmimited vision plus a second phone, my wife's. Then I pay $40 for two other phones on a family plan - total cost is $125 for the 4 phones inc. unlimited vision sharing 2000 min plus unlimited sprint to sprint calling.

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    I live in Cary and work in Raleigh and have been very satisfied with my Treo 300 for both phone and web access. Much better phone service than my ald Alltel phone and the web access is outstanding. If I had any complaints at all with my 300 it would be the battery usage - I have to recharge everynight.
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    I live in Wake Forest, and I use my phone throughout the triangle. I have no complaints so far. I have a place at Lake Gaston, and there is no coverage up there. That's the only issue I've had so far.

    I'm on one of the unlimited data plans, and I use my phone non-stop. I too have to charge each night.
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    I have had Sprint for years in the RTP area but mainly because of the good business discount. Overall, not too bad. However, there are many areas that calls will drop and Northern Durham is bad. My biggest compliant is how much better the Verizon service seems to be. However, Sprint has better pricing and the Treo. Seems like Verizon is way behind the curve on SmartPhones like Treo, etc.

    I believe if you use in Raleigh and Cary, you will be happy. The $10 data plan is really quite nice.

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