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    Well, I returned from vacation last week and was soon up to my eyeballs in alligators... The end result is that I won't have a beta ready until the end of the week, for which I apologize.

    - Marc
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    Just wanted to let y'all know it wont be long now. I've just recieved the latest alpha od Chatter and its chocked full of goodies.

    SETTABLE PRESENCE IS HERE!! Now you can set your presence to be shown to your buddies: Available (online), Be Right Back (away for a short time), Away / XA (eXtended Away, implying a longer absence), and Busy / DND (asking not to be disturbed). These four types can be used by all four supported IM services. Also three "custom" indicators can be set for those services that support that (Y!, MSNIM)

    SCROLL BARS IN MESSAGES! Now you no longer have to open up a single message to see it in its entirety it its more than 2 lines. Little blue scroll arrows will indicate for you to scroll down and see more of the message!

    INPUT OPTIMIZATIONS! Marc has made some "under the hood" changes to make typing faster, and all your keyboard hacks work. I use KeyCapsHack and its just like typing a memo now. Also this maybe unrelated, but Jot has seemed to have gotten faster too....

    Anyway as usual Marc is on top of his game, and when it does get released to the masses, this will be the killer app Im sure; its always at least 2nd on my list in McPhling!
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    Hmmm . . . *I* did not get the latest alpha release! (whine .. pout .. whine)
    Llynx (alpha tester)

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