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    Using Sprint Business Connection for email; yeah, I know I should just buy snappermail but I'm waiting for my two free months to end w/ BCS.

    When I'm in BCS and click on the people button (i.e., to address a new email), the list of contacts is empty. "Palm Address Book" is selected as the source, I don't have any corporate BCS contacts. Yet I have contacts in my palm address book with designated email addresses.

    Anyone have this problem? The only way to get to your address book is to go to the dialer app, then switch views to the address book, correct? (There's no 'Address Book' icon like on a regular Palm, right?)

    And does it matter which 'category' your contact is in? For a while one contact was appearing on the addressing screen, but now she is gone.

    Thanks much in advance, as a new Treo user I have to say that this forum is awesome.

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    The business connect screen works like a search engine. You need to type in a name/partial and then it will display the list that it found.

    Business connect is very good if you use Microsoft Exchange @ work.
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    I am glad you brought this up. My BC does not see any palm addresses either. It only looks at the corporate addresses in my Outlook. I have not been able to figure out the problem.
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    Wow, do I feel dumb. Sprint is really poor at explaining 'features' such as this. Thanks a million.

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    RBMTS2000- Not clear what you mean. When you go to the BC address book it gives a dropdown to select where you want to search. When you select Palm Address book and type in a name that you know is in there, does it return a hit?

    dcr- We have all been there!!!


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