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    The standard SMS program that came w/ the Treo 300 isn't doing it for me, so I'm trying to find a new one that is reliable and can send and receive text messages w/o problems. I've been looking at funSMS and Treo300SMS amongst some others. So what do the people feel? Any suggestions as to which program I should go with?
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    Treo300SMS all the way!!!!
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    Treo300SMS does seem good, but it has caused a couple fatal exception errors. Has that happened to you at all?
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    funSMS, or any SMS program other than Treo300SMS for that matter won't work on the Treo 300. Sprint doesn't support standard SMS. Treo300SMS is the only app that'll do it for ya.
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    I have had the PDAapps treo300SMS on my 300 since Jan and I can't recall any fatal errors from it. I am running the latest version as well. I don't use it a lot, about 3-4 times a week, perhaps I may see the problem if I used it more?
    Load the free demo and if you like it, then buy it. That is what I did and am now doing with their TreoAlrtMgr prc

    My 2-cents worth, Matt Burkhard

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