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    I recently noticed that when I close my Treo the dropdown menu appears (the one based on the little / icon thing, sorry if I don't have the terminology). It's a bit annoying and I thought it might be due to some software I had installed (being new to the whole Palm thing I've thrown everything but the kitchen sink on in order to figure out what's good. But I recently discovered that it is based on applying a little bit of sideways pressure on the cover as it is closing.

    Basically when my Treo 300's cover is at 90 degrees (L shaped) if I apply some pressure to the right-hand side of the cover (in essence pushing the cover to the left) the dropdown menu appears. If I apply a little pressure again the dropdown menu disappears.

    This doesn't seem like a large issue but it is a little annoying and might be indicative of a larger problems, or might just be a loose case. Has anyone else heard of this problem or seen this (or given me instructions, does yours do the same thing?). I am at day 12 of ownership so hopefully I can just get a replacement at my Sprint store instead of having to wait for a replacement.

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    This was discussed on the Treo 180 and 270 boards before.

    A screw on your 300 casing is a little too tight. Flip your Treo over and loosen the screw on the side where you are getting the problem. You will immediately solve the issue with about a quarter turn. Make sure you do it with the right screwdriver/dont scuff/scrape the screwhead or they may think you openend the case if you ever had to do a return.
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    I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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    Seems to be working. Which makes me think...

    Are there any good FAQs out there on the Treo 300s(or other models too)?


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