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    I had been taunting him with my 300 for a month or so. He has been less than satisfied with his 270. Aside from poor service through Cingular, his Treo seemed to be plagued with gremlins that (thank god) I have never seen on my 300. I encouraged him to upgrade with the GPRS update, thinking that the more recent firmware may clear up some of the difficulties. It solved some, but created others. I digress.

    What worries me is the possibility that this may be the shape of things to come if there is ever a Treo 300 update. There are some new updates that I wouldn't mind seeing. For example, while in a call, in tiny blue letters are keys that correspond to the functions so you can use the keyboard to mute, hang up, etc. I do like this feature.

    What I don't like is the fact that they removed the call history screen from the normal "rotation" of call screens. If you don't know what I mean, if you hit the phonebook button once, you get the speed dial list. Hit it a second time and you get the LCD dial pad. A third time yealds the alphabetized phone list, and, on the Treo 300, hitting it a fourth time results in the call log. A pre-GPRS Treo 270 used to do the same thing. The log is still there, but now it is under the pull-down menu.

    Why, you may ask, did they remove this feature from it's once prominant position? In its place is the "dotted underline" field showing on each screen that you can just start typing a name, and it will find it for you. Now, the "find the name" feature has always been there. People just don't know about it often because people don't read manuals. They figured that, by putting this underline on the main screen, people might get the hint that the feature is there and start using it. They removed the call log to make more room for the underline.

    The sad part is they have traded one feature for another. If people didn't find the "quick-find" feature, how will they find the call log feature?

    I use the call log often, because often I find that I am either calling back someone that I don't have in my address book, adding someone who just called me into my address book, or redialing someone that I never want in my address book.

    Please, Handspring, when you eventually release the Treo 300 service pack (the one that fixes my Vision disconnect problem), please remember that us Treo 300 users are wiser than out Treo 270 counterparts (by definition, after all we did our homework and discovered how great the unlimited Sprint data plan was). We know about the "fast-find" feature, and don't want our Call History hidden away in the pull-down menu!
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    It's funny to hear your take on this. As you were describing what they changed, I was thinking to myself that I like the sound of the changes they made. I, personally, don't feel like the call log belongs as a "view," and I end up having to push the phone button an extra time to get cycle past it. Also, you mentioned that they added the dotted line to all views, supposedly to alert users to this ability. My question is, did they add this to the phone keypad view? On a couple of occassions, I have been on this view and tried to start typing someone's name, but it would always interpret what I was typing as numbers to be dialed as opposed to doing a name search. Does this view work differently now?

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    No, the dotted line thing isn't there on the dialpad screen - so it still interprets everything as numbers (or not at all) - at least on my 180 w/GPRS update. The dotted line is only there on the speed dial screen and the contacts screen.

    I too was a little annoyed at first that they removed the call history from the rotation...but since I've adjusted to accessing it with Command-Y, I haven't found much difference.

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