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    For the past week or 2 I've been having major sign in problems when trying to access the web. It tries to connect to the web, but gives me a connection time out error or general sign in error. I have to attemp to sign in about 10 times before I get a succesfull login, and when i'm logged in, the connection only holds for about an hour, and then i have to recconect and go through the same routine. When I first got the treo everything worked flawlessly, and very rarely did I expeirience sign in problems. Whats up? Is there something wrong with my phone, maybe a setting got changed somehow? Should I call sprint and have them reprogram my phone or someting? Have you guys had any of these problems? Thanks
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    Well, I called Sprint tech support and they changed my vision password and re provisioned my phone and all is well.

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    I've had the exact same problems going on here for the past couple of weeks. It sometimes takes 5 or 10 attempts for the sign-in process to work. It gets as far as showing the "Signing in" prompt, then just sits there, eventually timing out.

    What excuess did Sprint give on why the change in a password/account would solve this issue? Perhaps I should call them also and see if the same helps me.
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    Myself and 2 guys I know at work have had the same kinds of problems for the same amout of time. Not sure what it is, but hate to call sprint and waste hours of my time to fix it. Hope to get some more info soon.
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    I too have had sign in problems using vision services the past week. Same description as stated. It times out during signing in process.

    I have also noticed something else. Friday, I was sitting across the street from one of the SprintPCS towers eating at a fast food place and discovered I could not access the Internet via Vision services no matter how many attempted trys. I must have tried a dozen times. After eating, I went out of town to a different tower and tried it a half dozen times and didn't have any problems at all. Each attempt, which was successful, was followed by my turning off wireless services and again signing back on after turning on wireless services.

    The only differences I can guess at is the amount of perceived traffic at the successful tower would be much lower because I was at a very rural location when it worked properly.

    I would suggest running similar tests and report back here to compare results. Please provide location info just incase we are all in similiar locations. I am in Racine, Wisconsin.

    Stay Tuned
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    I occasionally get repeated failure to connect problems, even though my apt. has a clear line of sight to the tower in NYC. I'm in Williamsburg, north Brooklyn.

    Sometimes a reset will help.
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    Well, for me it all depends on when I try. I did call Sprint about this, and of course they had no clues. And, of course, when I was on the phone with them, I connected 10 out of 10 times. About an hour before that, from the same location, I failed as many times, and I failed again about an hour after that.

    I was given an update to my PRL on the Treo. I was hoping that this was the "key" to making it connect reliably, but as I mentioned, I had just as many problems later on even with the updated f/w.

    Pesonally, either Sprint has made some recent network changes that were not fully tested out, or they have reached a point where they are not dealing with connection attempts from a large number of reqests.

    [Naperville, IL... And we have LOTS of sprint towers around].
    Bryan Nystrom
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    Hey, check out the thread named:

    "Spontaeous reset when connecting to Sprint using Snappermail" That problem is related to this thread.

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