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    Any ideas why I can send out 160 char smses fine (and they are recieved) but anyone smsing me via email or sending via their phone is limited to 100 chars?

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    I believe this is because SprintPCS is reserving 60 or so characters for the header information now displayed in SMS messages (i.e. from, subject). My recollection may be a bit old but this has been discussed many times so you might want to do a search.
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    any links or suggests for search strings? I tried and couldnt find anything..
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    Log into the Sprint web site:

    Go to Help (Claire).
    Go to "Products & Services" / "PCS Wireless Web"

    PCS Wireless Web SMMessaging
    Now you can have the connectivity of your desktop on the go! PCS Wireless Web(SM) Messaging lets you take your information access with you. Get a stock quote, read headlines, and send and receive email-all while traveling on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

    PCS Wireless Web Messaging allows you to receive Text Messages, Email, Pages, and Updates on your PCS Phone. All text-based messages are limited to 100 characters per message including spaces, punctuation, and subject headings. (Messages longer than 100 characters will be truncated.)

    Is that what you are looking for...?
    To be honest, I don't think that Sprint uses "True" SMS. They just shoehorn it into their existing form factor.

    That statement is also a bit contray to what is displayed on the web page where you send messages, which mentions a max length of 160.
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