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    Has anyone else run into an issue with the onscreen keyboard getting "stuck" when entering text? It seems to happen after I swipe the stylus from right to left. I'm not sure if this is the trigger.

    Anyway, whatever the trigger, once it's in this mode, any time I tap into a text-edit field the damn onscreen keyboard comes up. Argggh; I own a treo! I don't need the onscreen keyboard

    I had a similar nit with my Visor, but there the keyboard came up when I didn't want it to (never figured out the exact trigger there). Fortunately, on the Visor, it was a one-time thing.

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    Uhhhh, oops, never mind ... further testing indicated that it was happening in only one app (the one app I use extensively).

    There was an option "Use Graffiti for Text Entry" that was off. When checked, the KB automatically appears.

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    I use the onscreen keyboard quite a lot and was wondering what the app that you mentioned was. Thanks!

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