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    I've checked and searched a few places, but haven't found the answer yet - so if this is a repeat, I apologize.....

    Does anyone know of an application that uses the Call History DB AND allows you to make notes or update the call history? In particular, when I get calls from somewhere where there's no caller id identified or is blocked, I'd like to go back to the call history and note who the call was from. This helps me track my calls.

    I don't really want to use a separate phone tracker - I want to add notes to my existing call log.

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    Why don't you try doing what I do?

    Whenever a wrong number comes in, I save the phone number to my phone with the Last Name as Wrong Number#1 (Wrong Number#2, etc.).

    This was helpful in the past because I was able to track that a wrong number called me 6 times!!! After seeing that Wrong Number #1 for the 6th time, I finally told him off. =)
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I already do that for wrong numbers.

    I'm looking for a way to add a note to a call history record - particularly when there is No Caller Id or there is a blocked caller id. Then, I can make note on the incoming call record that it was "Joe" even thought it said No Caller Id.

    I also think this would be a good way to initiate a call record just for keeping track of my calls. Most of the call managers require that you input the info again (caller, phone number, date, time).

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