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    I went down to the T-Mobile kiosk at the mall today, since T-Mobile said they're selling the Treo 270 now. Of course they didn't have a "real" one there. Only a display one, so I couldn't dink around with it and check out the screen.

    I was all ready to order a 270, but I started talking to the guy there. He's got the PPC one and loves it. Let me fiddle around with it a bit, and I started taking a liking to it. Doesn't have the keyboard, which is a downer, but the text entry with the stylus is pretty simple.

    I don't know what came over me, but after a lot of deliberation, I decided to buy one of those instead of the T-270. It's got to come in the mail from T-Mobile because it's through their upgrade program, so it wont be here til monday or tuesday - goodness knows I'll be antsy until then.

    As much as I like the Treo, and would like one with a color screen, I just had a hard time shelling out another $500 to handspring for something so similar to what I've been having so many problems with.
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    Cool runnin's. Please post how you find PPC. Pros Cons. Comparisons with PalmOS etc.
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    Well it arrived today. I haven't had a chance to really use it a lot, but here are some first impressions.


    The screen is bright and colorful. Seems to be a little brighter than that of the Treo 90 (Which I have seen. I haven't seen a Treo 270 or 300's screen but I'm guessing they are similar to the 90)

    Handwriting recognition is pretty good, and snappy.

    I've got a 256mb SD card in here. Plenty of room for applications - although apps for the PocketPC seem to be quite a bit bigger than ones on the Palm

    Nice sound. Plays wav files! And MP3s!

    Web browsing seems to be fairly quick, and pictures show up a lot better than on the Treo 180 (but that's a given)


    The case supplied with it from T-Mobile is goofy. While it does a good job of protecting the phone, it just seems kind of retarded. There's a flap that you have to flip up. It secures shut with a magnet. Maybe it'll grow on me. I don't know. It won't fit in the supplied charging / sync cable while it's in there though. Chalk this up to the "Duh" category. It does look like it provides reasonable protection though.

    Pocket Outlook - GRRRRRR! My cable internet service requires that I log in on different ports to their mail server when I am outside of their network. PocketPC 2002's version of Outlook doesn't let you use alternate ports! I suppose I can find a workaround - auto forward to another mail acct and use a different reply-to address maybe. That's disappointing. I hope MS comes out with a patch to fix this. ANd soon.

    No flippy top. As much as I thought that lid on the treo was flimsy, I keep wanting to use it!

    GPRS drops. When you make a phone call, the gprs connection shuts off. That I don't like, but it auto-connects prettty fast when you bring up the web browser. Annoying though.

    That's about all I can think of right now. More to come, though!
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    Having had a Treo, how are you finding the lack of a keyboard?

    How big an SD can you stick in it?

    Hehe, I certainly wouldn't miss the Treo Flip

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    I'm still kind of switching between the on screen keyboard that you use with the stylus, and the handwriting recognition. I'm really not missing the keyboard that much yet. Well....I am. It is nice for quick SMS messages. But I think when I get the hang of writing so the digitizers recognizes my writing It'll be great.

    One thing I could do with the Treo that I dont think I'll be able to do is send SMS messages one handed while driving

    Hmmmm here's something else interesting. When the PPC phone is in the cradle and you get online, it appears that it uses your computer's internet connection, rather than going online with GPRS.
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    I'll really be interested in your thoughts on PPC after you've used it for a while.
    I carry both my Treo and a Toshiba e740 (only used for presentations, with the VGA expansion pack). I've tried to use the PPC to replace my Palm. But just could ever make to swap full time.
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    Well I've had the PPC phone for a week now.

    I'm starting to like it. A lot.

    Stability is a lot better than on ANY of my 4 Treo 180s. I have only had to do 1 reset, and that was because I was dinking aroun and deleted some things I didn't want to from the T-Mobile stuff.. OOps.

    I find the Pocket IE browser to be a lot nicer than Blazer. For some reason, I just never did like that. What's even better, theres a couple other browsers you can get that put the screen in a landscape mode, making it much easier to read sites designed for 640x480 or 800x600 screens.

    Sometimes I do miss the Treo's keyboard. It *is* handy why typing SMS messages. No need to get the stylus out to punch in letters on the onscreen keyboard, or use the transcriber. That being said, I am getting pretty good with using a combination of the onscreen keyboard and transcriber. (I think I saw on a website somewhere a plug-in keyboard for the PPC. If you are on the road and goign to do a lot of typing, that's probably the way to go).

    Battery life on the PPC seems good. I haven't really given it a thorough test of talk time yet though. I did play scrabble for a couple hours on it over the weekend, and battery level was at 90% when i got done. That is a good sign, I guess.

    I've been looking for a different case for the thing, though. The one that comes with it from T-Mobile is a little big large and bulky.

    I'm starting to ramble here, so I'll get to the point. I definitely do like this thing. The more I use it, the more I like it. When I find more likes / dislikes I'll post again!

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