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    I did a search in the forums and didn't really come up with an answer therefore:

    My question: I'm not able to log onto with Blazer. Is there any way to check the minutes used on that website from the Treo? It seems silly to pay for the Cell Plan Tracker program when we should be able to get this information from the horse's mouth, so to speak, on the web through the Treo. Have other people sucessfully logged onto the sprint website with a Treo?

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    I don't think blazer supports javascripts which necessary to log onto sprintpcs. I've also tried using eudora and it hasn't worked either. Although I haven't tried myself, but I would suggest you try using Xino or Pocketlink browsers...

    P.S. or you could just dial *4
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    just splurge and buy celplantrcker-it's great.

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