I've had my Treo 300 now for about a month and no question, disappointment #1 is the handset volume when not on speaker phone. I've read that others have had the problem and have swapped out their phones and it's a bit of a hit or miss game if you get one with better volume.

I'm just wondering if someone a heck of a lot smarter than me could develop a software utility for the device that could teach the phone volume range to span from (lowest setting in handset mode) to (highest setting in speakerphone mode) all while the phone is in handset mode. The fact is the hardware has the capability to be louder since the speakerphone-mode feed comes from the same speaker as the handset-mode feed. So it's just a matter of teaching the phone to be able to use all that capability anytime. And then in speakerphone mode, that's the time when the microphone gets extra sensitive. [I know some people mentioned just putting it on speaker and putting it up to your ear when you need volume, but then your voice is so amplified when speaking, it's painful to those on other end].

I love what this baby can do with Verichat, Treo300SMS, PalmVNC, etc. but this volume thing is so painful.

Anyone have any ideas if and how this volume fix can be done with software? I'm in for a $15 shareware fee!