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    This might be a Palm OS question as opposed to a Treo question:

    When adding/editing an addressbook entry, the Treo trys to autocomplete certain fields (City, State, Country, Title, Company). Questions regarding this:

    1) Can I remove entries from it's autocompletion dictionary? I have typed in some incorrect (almost correct) entries and saved them, so those incorrect entries pop up. (e.g. Ua instead of USA, so autocomplete chooses Ua before USA)

    2) Can this be turned off? (I like this feature, just wondering.)
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    No, I don't believe this can be turned off. Have you tried doing a search on "Ua" and correcting it in all entries? I'm curious to see if that would remove the "Ua" entry from the auto-complete dictionary.
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    I've tried that.

    After I noticed the incorrect entry showing up during auto-complete, I searched and fixed the incorrect entries.

    This doesn't remove it from the dictionary though

    Don't try to reproduce this on your Treo, or you'll have the same problem

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