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    As a new treo user I can't believe there's not a free IM client available. It's reasonable to charge money for verichat and other services that keep you logged in, but the IM providers should provide a bare-bones free client.

    Luckily, I noticed the UK version of AIM is still free:

    I used it a few times, it worked OK. Then I started getting DataMgr.c exception errors requiring a hard reset. But I think this is due to some other beta software I installed; I'll start selectively (un)installing tomorrow.

    Curious to know if other people have had good experiences.

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    i've been using that version for months with no problem, though i can't say i use it a lot or for very long at a time.
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    My experience is thes ame as aarons12's: no problems in 3 months, but I don't use it more than about 15 minutes per week.

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