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    Very interesting review


    Translated from Russian to English by Google Translate:

    original link: U.S. Robotics Pilot 5000 in 2014
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    Interesting. I couldn't get google translate to work - I also tried the original post linked here: U.S. Robotics Pilot 5000

    So I copied and pasted in the text:

    Long ago, in 1996, called Palm pilots and their company produced US Robotics ( as modems ) . I managed to get them the earliest PDA - US Robotics Pilot 5000 - to pump up to 1MB of memory : yes, while handhelds supported upgrade (hello Google Project Ara) - could get an IR port and more memory , for example, or a receiving unit paging messages ) .

    Processor - Motorola Dragonball, clocked at 16MHz . However, this was more than enough for any application : PalmOS 1.0 to properly written applications were "always running " - and switch between them was almost instantaneous. Monochrome screen with a resolution of 160x160 pixels and no backlight - guzzled energy minimum .

    Exterior and interior

    On the reverse side for a protective cover - Expansion Module :

    CPU board in the bottom right corner - chip level converter RS232:

    The reverse side of the processor board and the display board . Right on the flexible printed circuit boards crystals matrix LCD driver .

    Consumption and handwriting
    The results of measurements in a dream Palm 0.168mA consumes , with the included screen - 17.4mA at maximum load - 43mA . Accordingly, with a set of batteries on 1200mA time "waiting" - 297 days of active work time (~ reading books ) - 29 hours. Naturally, such a low consumption possibly due to lack of illumination and with a small processor frequency , the absence of any multimedia functions . Nevertheless , its main tasks were performed perfectly .

    Handwriting seems to be never forgotten. 6 years have passed , I did not write Graffiti - hands and everyone remembers . Words of text entered in 36 seconds , the on-screen keyboard - 33 seconds . But I think with a little practice graffiti would be faster.

    It would be strange if the manufacturer of modems attached a modem to your device :-) This modem found - in the shopping package. He waited for us for 18 years.

    However, I waited for the catch - the battery over the years managed to leak . Fortunately , the modem was lying so that the electrolyte does not touch the electronics - and after washing and replacing the batteries it worked .

    Dial-up ISP , which could be called for a test in Moscow with the first 5 attempts failed to find , had to call already in Ekaterinburg . Connect the video at 3:40 .

    Internal modem :

    Connect the Palm as Linux terminal
    What would be useful now it can accommodate ? As we remember, at Palm - connector launched a full RS232 port , so you can try to use it as a terminal. After several attempts, managed to find a terminal that works under PalmOS 1.0 - ptelnet. Fortunately , the utility to install programs on Palma Pilot Install without problems earned c Pilot 5000 under Windows 8.1 using hardware COM- port on the LGA2011 motherboard (yes , these are still there - you just buy the bar connector ) . I honestly was preparing for a much larger number of problems.

    After installation - you can just send greetings to Palm in Putty:

    Next include RS232 terminal in Linux - and you can scare all photographs on top Palme . The maximum supported speed port - 115200 .

    Well, with the terminal on space fantasy unlimited - wanna watch pseudographics you want - server monitoring and notification mail.

    I hope this excursion into history was interesting, and recalled the good old days when 29 hours of battery life does not surprise anyone .
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