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    I found an application via google called idial that seems to allow dialling phone numbers from any application (notes etc) . . however it seems kinda flaky and the developer website is gone so I guess that app is dead.

    Anyone know of any new apps I can use to dial a number from a memo or wherever without having to manually cut-paste into my dial screen.

    PS : my 'searches' on this forum always draw a blank . . . anyone else have difficulty 'searching' in the discussion section?
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    Thanks. Markndial . . just tried it . . . . . cant get it to work!!!! I installed the xmaster thingy first and then the app and it still doesn't work! Oh well . . thanks anyway.
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    Did you go into X-master and activate the Hack?
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    Yes. I put a little tick in the check-box in x-master where it said markndial.

    If I click 'configure' it then asks for a serial number though?
    I thought I had downloaded a 'trial' version so it should work without a serial shouldnt it? I presume I am meant to see a little toolbar flash up at the bottom of the screen when a number is highlighted but I dont get anything.

    I tried highlighting the number and then clicking opt spacebar . . but that just replaces the number with a space!

    I would love to get this working . . . ideas welcomed.
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    The trial is only time-limited by 15 days.

    Option+Space is not the correct key sequence, this is:

    2) On a keyboard device (such as the Treo 180, 270 or 300), pressing the "Menu Command" key followed by the "Space" key (or "Menu Command" key followed by the Address Book button) will dial out the highlighted number.

    5) On a keyboard device (such as the Treo 180 or 270), pressing the "Menu Command" key followed by the "1" key will open a address book "new entry form" with the highlighted number pasted into a phone number field.

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