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    I have been working with the technical department at AOL to resolve the issue of AOL not allowing the Treo 300 communication device to disconnect after signing off. However while trying to resolve this matter I have encountered another issue. One of my AOL sign on screen names cannot log onto the system anymore. My 2 other screen names log on just fine. Has anyone who uses the AOL software had an issue that just one screen name can not connect to the system?
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    yup, i've got the same problem. i suspect it has something to do with a space that's within the screen name. do you happen to have a space in your problem screen name?
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    AOL has resolved the issue at the technical level with regard to one of my screen names not being able to sign on. However they never sent me an e-mail on the resolution. Maybe it just fixed itself. Anyway One problem down one to go

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