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    I've been seeing all these adds for integrated phone/cameras and I've been trying to figure out how it can be done with a Treo 300. Does anyone know of any digital cameras that can transfer pictures via IR?
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    Wow, this is spooky. Three similar threads in a very short period of time. Here's my thread:

    ...and heres bluecube's thread...

    Bottom line: It looks like there are a couple of IR-capable digital cameras out there (mostly older now discontinued), but it looks like only the Casio wristwatch camera has officially been confirmed to work. Quality-wise, I'd be most interested in knowing if the discontinued Kodak DC210 works.

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    The way I've been transferring photos to my Treo 300 is through my old HS Prism w/Eyemodule 2. I transfer them into the eyemodule resident program and send the photos as email through BugMe! Messenger. Works great though is a pain to carry around extra PDA. Since I don't need to do it that often, it's good enough for my purposes.
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    I know it's an extra step, but I get my digital photos in using SplashPhoto desktop:

    and a hotsync to their palm app.

    Would be nice to have a direct IR in, but my camera doesnt support it.

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    Originally posted by battlecreek
    I know it's an extra step, but I get my digital photos in using SplashPhoto desktop:
    battlecreek, thanks for the input, but I think the intention here is to figure out a solution where someone can be in the field with just a Treo and a digital camera and be able to transfer them to the Treo and (probably) email them.

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    I started a similar thread back when the treo first came out and another a few months ago. Nothing seemed to come of it. Here goes again; what about the palmpix . This camera was originaly made to snap on a palm pilot. It's no longer made or supported by Kodak but you can still by them from the internet. My question is could the palmpix be modified to work with a Treo? Anyone willing to test it out? Any definitive answers out there? Bueler?

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