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    I am getting to the point in life where I no longer feel comfortable gripping the type of slim, tiny stylus that comes with my Treo 300, nor with left-over ones from earlier Palms, and I would prefer to carry a fat, pen-type stylus for a better grip and aim.

    I purchased a Stylo from the local Franklin Covey store for $20, and I like the grip, but I don't like having the stylus share the barrel with a highliter, a pencil lead and a ball-point pen, so I use it for the stylus only and carry a fat Uniball gel pen I like right alongside it in my pocket.

    What I would really like is to find a pen like the Stylo, in that price range, which is just a stylus plus a gel pen cartridge tip.

    Can anyone recommend such a model to me, and a place to get it?

    I tried the Stylus Central website but got quite confused by the method of listing.

    A personal experience with a particular model would be appreciated.




    Treo 600 - what a "Marvel"ous device!
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    I had a Cross Duo (I think that's the name) that I bought in Staples or OfficeMax. It had a stylus on one end and a rolling ball type pen under the cap on the other end. I liked it a lot, but unfortunately lost it someplace. The only "problem" was you had to be sure you put the cap on the pen side before putting it back in your pocket, or you have ruined a shirt!

    I now have a Cross "pen" that is just a stylus. It has a very nice feel. I also believe Cross sells replacement stylus refills that will fit into some of their regular pens. The Stylus I have now was only about $14 or $15 and is thick and feels very good in the hand.

    You might try a Staples or similar store. But I know near me that there are many Staples and every one has a different aassortment of things. One may have a whole rack of cross pens and styli and the next store has none to be found.

    Hope this helps.
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    For a more expensive option, I use a Cross Matrix. As a gel ink pen, it uses the same refills as those stubby cross gel pens. It has additional options for a fountain pen. It is a bit expensive, retailing anywhere from 60 bucks up. However, I have found the pen to work real well with the Treo and my Sony Clie and when you have to use the ink and paper mode, it is a fine writing instrument.

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