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    I've had my Treo 300 (with SprintPCS service) for about two months now. I've found it to be one of the most useful tools I've had in a long time, however it's critical for me to receive SMS messages from computer systems I monitor, however unlike the Treo270, I can't change the alarm tone used for incoming messages. Has anyone out there figured out a way to do this, via other tools, upgrades, etc?

    Thanks in advance - Steve
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    Last week I sent this request to the author of Treo300SMS. He said he'll add it to the list of features to add. He didn't say anthing more than that. I urge others to send their request also. Seems silly that Sprint gives us ringtone options for "roaming" and not SMS. With Sprint's nationwide network, I don't thiink people roam very often. I hope someone can make a hack that would use the "roaming" tone specified. That would be perhaps the easiest, rather than provide for another ringtone setting.
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    Thanks for passing along my request, and hopefully someone will find a hack. I tried AlarmMaster, replacing the system sound with another (process of delete and copy using the same sound name), but this didn't work, only left me without a sound. Copied back and all is OK.

    I should state the real concern with the default sound - weak, no volume, no duration. When you need your Treo to wake you from a dead sleep because a system you're monitoring has just crashed - you want it loud, long and obnoxious.

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