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    I just ordered one off of ebay. Seems like a unique thing. It's a Treo cable which has both serial and USB connectors.

    Of course I didn't post this message until after I won my bid

    But if you ask the seller he may put some more up with "Buy it now" for $19.99+$5(shipping). He seems to have some up pretty often starting at $14.99+$5.
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    I bought one from someone on ebay. It sucked. It came broken. However, after a single e-mail I had a replacement and a prepaid envelope to send the first one back in. First rate! And I love my new cable. At work we have NT. So I can't sync through the USB Cable. I have to use serial. However, I do have a USB port on my comptuer, and can charge my treo through that. So I have a single cord, going into two ports, charging and syncing my Treo at the same time. Nifty!
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    Ooh I didn't know it charged too, excellent. I had bought a charging USB cable for like the same price on ebay a few weeks ago. I'm in the same boat as you though, I run a virtualized windows session which doesn't support USB. So if I want to hotsync, it's either network based, IrDA, or serial.
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    Does anyone know if there would be any conflicts w/wireless modem using this cable?

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    the serial part of the cable works fine with WirelessModem. Its a nice accessory

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    hmm... I was just about to buy this cable when I read this:

    This cable will only recharge the batteries when connected to the USB port, not the serial port.
    The only reason I want the serial is to use wireless modem, but if you can't recharge the Treo at the same time then it's not as appealing to me. I don't want to have the batttery die on me while I use wireless modem! In any case, thanx for sharing info about the cable though!!
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    But if you have a USB port, you can use them at the same time. Achieves the same result. Power is flowing through the USB part and into the Treo and the data is flowing through the Serial part and into the Treo
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    Just got my USB + Serial cable. Very nice! Much better quality (i.e. the Treo connector is excellent) than the USB-only charging cable (which has a el-crappy Treo connector) I paid the same price for on ebay.

    The only issue may be that the USB & Serial plugs are a little close together so you may have problems if you want to plug in simultaneous if your ports aren't within 6" of one another.
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    potatoho, from whom did you purchase this cable? and what was the price?

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    why original USB sync cable from Handspring does not charge the Treo .. we need plug in the charging cable?
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    Originally posted by dougef
    potatoho, from whom did you purchase this cable? and what was the price?
    Look at my first message, I gave the ebay link. Here's another:

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