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    I have a Palm Tungsten T. By mistake, I deleted a note fropm within the notepad application. Is there anyway to now retrieve this deleted note? I do not see anything obvious from within the OS itself. Thanks
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    I'm not sure this is possible, but...

    If you are in the application (Too late for this?), you could try the undo command if delete was the last action...

    That's a bit desperate, but there may be another option. If you are hotsyncing with your PC and the note was created prior to the last hotsync and you haven't synced since, then there should be a copy on your computer. There should in fact be a total system backup, so when your device battery goes flat you can recharge and restore everything from the last hotsync.

    For example, on a PC, the path might be something like:
    C:\Program Files\Palm\(your device profile name)\BackUp

    So (as I imperfectly recall), you could setup your hotsync to restore the PC copy (of everything!) back to the device.

    If you've made a lot of other changes, you could make a copy of your notepad backup file, then hotsync the device. Then restore the copied notes back file to the folder and re-sync. Note that you have to adjust the conduit function from the menu of the hotsync manager - from the icon in the tray or the hotsync menu in your palm desktop program.

    Actually, I've looked at it and you can probably set it so everything syncs as normal and set the notepad so that the PC overwrites the device - restoring your notes from the last hotsync!

    Maybe others more expert can chip in, but I suspect that PalmOS being designed for not much memory and despite having an undo function, probably makes changes permanently - there is no recycle or trash bin.

    Just think about what changed since the last hotsync and perhaps make a copy of your back up folder to try to avoid losing things you want to keep.

    Hotsync options (from my palm help file)
    Synchronize the Files - Synchronizes the data on your handheld and your computer so that both have the most current information. (NO!)
    Desktop Overwrites Handheld - Copies data for the application from your computer to your handheld, replacing any data on your handheld for that application. Use this action to restore your handheld. (Set notepad to this if no other notes on the device have changed?)
    Handheld Overwrites Desktop - Copies data for the application from your handheld to your computer, replacing any data on your computer for that application. (NO!)
    Do Nothing - Performs no action during the HotSync operation. (maybe...)
    Set As Default - Makes the selected action the default when this check box is selected. Otherwise, the action you select applies only to the next HotSync operation.

    Well, I hope some of that helps!
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    In my version of Palm desktop, if you go to the tools menu, then options, on the 'General' tab you can tick a box that archives deleted records. I'm not sure if this applies to records deleted on a device which is then synced. so...

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