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    Hi, trying to start verichat and it asks for my phone's 'email address' which I guess should be my mobile number followed by This doesn't work, and if I try mailing that number I get an error saying that mail undelivered, relaying not allowed. Do I need to phone O2 and get something activated? Any help much appreciated. cheers bigruss
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    Try e-mailing from your phone to your PC's normal e-mail address, using your phone's SMS. That will be the correct e-mail of your phone. It is not necessarily a number followed by @, although most likely it is.
    Worked for me.
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    Hmm, sounds like a sensible idea to me, but I can't get the treo to send emails successfully. I got a message from o2 saying that email had been activated, but I am getting delivery failure notifications on all the emails that I try and send from the SMS application... can anyone help me please?

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