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    Anyone seen one of these, their due for realise soon but hey other companies are slowly getting the idea...but shame that its not palm, form factor wise i like it!

    (though for a flip phone it should have a caller id outside)

    anyways....flame my opinion here.....
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    If SONY continues to evolve its CLIE line after the TG-50(?), that looks like a Treo 90 but with a phone button, how long before they add a speaker and telephony software? With SONY wanting to buy Palm Source, and confused with disparate OSes on phones and PDA, where will this lead to? and what is Handspring's response? how much more window does Handspring have before the giants take them on? or are they making themselves attractive for a merger?
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    Well i must say that if sony made a phone version of the clie (as a true phone not as a handset model) I would save my pennies to get one. However if handspring rivalled this in a solid package then they would have a hard time in the marketplace against such a massive company as sony could quite easily beat handspring on the advertising front. so perhaps a merger wouldn't be such a bad option (although I love owning something so good from a smaller company that sony and compaq just haven't been able to achieve)

    (sorry this wasn't very clear i was writing it on my treo!)
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