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    I have had to manually sync to get my e-mail from BC today. I have not changed any phone or e-mail settings. I have been getting my e-mail VERY consistently up until now. Anyone else?
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    Same here. Quite frustrating.
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    Mine seems to work fine. Just tested it.
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    Yeah, it seems to be working again today.

    I also noticed yesterday that I couldn't send myself an SMS message from the link at the bottom of the website. I tried and it told me that my number was "...not a subscriber to SMS". Obviously a false message.

    Since the BC e-mail push relies upon an initial SMS, I think Sprint's SMS push from their servers was dead yesterday. I was able to send myself an SMS through the e-mail process (, but it's from their end that I think it was dead.

    Sprint, are you listening??? Your service won't get widespread adoption unless it's seen as reliable!! I responded late to e-mail messages yesterday...
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    We're both in Houston. SEems like a network problem.
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    Same thing happened to me yesterday in San Francisco...push seems to be working here today.

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