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    I would like to use my Treo300 as an internet gateway for my laptop.

    Any ideas ??
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    I am now a believer. As I type on my laptop using my treo 300. It was so easy. Go to and click the link palm application. Get the wirelessmodem shareware application and test it out either using your IR port or a serial cable. It will not work with USB. The instructions are straight forward and easy. I got an 18K connection through my IR port and a 36K using a serial cable. I send you this reply in a starbucks where several t-mobile hot spot people are extremely envious that I pay nothing to have this connection. It really works. I don't work for notify mail or have any affiliations...Man this is awesome...It's worth paying a license to notifymail...Totaly worth my $35 bucks.

    If you need to get a cable you can order one that has both a USB port and a serial port. The vendor on Ebay is called PDAAccessories Direct or something like that. They got me a cable within a week for $15 bucks plus 5 bucks shipping. Having the cable is awesome. THe USB allows charging the serial modem is for the connection. Man, I cannot stop being ecstatic...This is awesome. Don't buy the license or serial cable until you know that it works. Once it works then pay the people their dues.

    Hope that helps!

    (PS There is a huge thread on this somewhere in this forum...just look up wireless modem)
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    Thanks Yunch for this information. I saw the thread on wireless modem but people were only talking about fax, so I was not sure it could apply to tcp routing also.
    I'm gonna give it a try right now. I also saw a posting talking about USB driver. Hope that it becomes reality soon.

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