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    Hey guys,

    Checkout this cool looking telescoping stylus from Pda Panache. Does anyone have this stylus, and is it worth it?

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    I had one. It was a pretty nice stylus. The tip glides more easily than the stylus that came with the unit. The problem is that it really doesn't fit the Treo. I mean, it does slide into the holder, but the nail-style top stops it from completely inserting.

    This is why I say I had one. I was running with my Treo in hand one day, and the thing flew out of my Treo and the tip was smashed. This basically hapenned because this stylus is a good deal heavier than the original, and doesn't take much to have it fall out.

    If you're careful, it is a great stylus...
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    thanks KKenna,

    I think I'll try it out...
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    I bought it - loved doing business with PDAPanache - great company. But the stylus didn't do it for me. I just ordered the new one from StylusCentral. Even with Crash installed...when you need the reset pin - you REALLY NEED THE RESET PIN. And the telescoping stylus doesn't open up long enough to really make a big difference.
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    I must disagree with Alli; I have found the extra length to be very handy, and the extra weight is also more comfortable than the standard stylus. You do have to be a bit more careful with it, and the lack of a reset pin is unfortunate, but I would recommend it.

    I have a recommendation for improvement, though: why not make the telescoping sleeve come off with an ink pen or reset pin underneath?

    Nonetheless, it is worth having, if a little expensive.

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