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    Yesterday I could not get the Treo 300 to connect to data services. Phone worked fine but could not get email or web browse. Did soft resets and then eventually a hard reset. Still didn't work. Then worked with a level-2 tech at Sprint for 45 minutes resetting everything, still didn't work. Tech said take it to the sprint store, something is wrong with the unit. I restored all the data on the unit so the organizer would work in the meantime. For fun, this morning I tried to get data and now it seems to be working.

    Do you think I have a flakey unit, have others had these sorts of symptoms, is it the network? I am in Denver.

    Thanks in advance for any thought on this.
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    I am in Miami, and also had a ton of trouble connecting yesterday. As you said, voice was fine, but the vision could take a dozen attempts or so before it finally connected.

    I just powered up the treo for the first time today and it connected right away.

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    treo270 asian upgrade

    Have the same thing hapen sometimes I let it alone for a couple of hours then it was back. I think it's the network.

    My advice.........patience, seeing that I'm with cingular that's kind of funny.

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    I've had the same problem here in the NYC area now and then. It tends to last a day or two and then goes back to normal. I am generally able to connect to the data network, but it can take many tries, and I often lose the connection after a minute or two.
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    I believe that Sprint is finally addressing the problems with their data network (Where you're dropped, but your Treo doesn't know it). It'd be nice if they'd figure out a solution and implement it, rather than "play" with the production system, but at least their trying...

    As a direct answer, I have also had tremendous problems with data connections.
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    In Chicago, I've never had a problem with data at all... until this week. Same thing as everyone else; it just doesn't wanna connect. Of course I had a Sprint phone before so I was expecting problems like this, but that doesn't make it acceptable. I plan on calling and *****ing even though I'm not really THAT upset... Sprint is famous for throwing free stuff at you to shut you up. The louder you ***** the more you get, for whatever that's worth. I've gotten several free months from them.

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