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    Anyone managed to overclock treo successfully? It works fine with apps that I've installed but afterburner seems to crash the built in apps that use wireless connection, either phone, sms, email over gprs etc lock up. Can anyone suggest settings or alternative software and settings that can be used to boost the treo but without causing crashes? cheers bigruss
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    I had the exact same experience - I uninstalled it. I think I'm going to go back and try using the individual clock speed settings to only speed up apps that I use frequently and not anything that has to do with the radio (not the "Default" speed on the first screen.) Didn't try that. Treo 270/Cingular/GPRS

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    I've already tried that within afterburner and it doesn't seem to make a difference, I've also tried using different hack profiles within tealmaster to turn it off for certain apps, but again I still get crashes. The impression I get is that afterburner doesn't actually get turned off when you tell it to... although I don't know much about software etc to be honest. Please let me know if you get this to work though. cheers bigruss
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    I didn't get it to work. Emailed the author and he said that he wasn't sure why the radio functions were affected but to try "normal" speed for those apps. Of course, I did that and it didn't work. Did a search on the forum and it appears that some people are lucky with overclocking and others aren't. Must be some sort of software conflict since the hardware is all identical (within model lines - 180s, 270s, 300s.) There's really no reason somone on a 300 should have it work and another person with a 300 can't get it to work unless there is a software difference. Oh well.

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    I've tried and benchmarked most of the overclockers and none of them (so far) have made any difference - speed wise.

    If someone has successfully overclocked their Treo, I would really like to try the software.

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