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    After years of searching an alternative for my beloved 650, I just found it on ebay and now I have my "Tank-phone" again No other phone I tried (there was a buuunch of them) has the unique functions and convenience of T650. So we got where I'm now

    I searched my CD and HD archives for Palmos software. Everything is in place, at most with TreoMessenger, Profiles and my Agendus license.

    But I can't restore my ROM Cooking CD I have original ROM 1.20-ENU. Downloaded rom uploader and archived it to few places. The same I did with shadowmite's ROMTool that is unavailable last few years. But The WAYBACK MACHINE helped a lot.

    There you can download the second required tool:

    I also founf fat32.prc:
    and slotdriver SDIO_SDSD.prc:

    But I can't also restore (or find):
    -FAT32.prc, slotdriver_sdio-sdsd.prc (don't know if above links contain a good ones) and Smarttextengine_Device.prc (from 680) set of files
    -whole 680 ROM - for few files that I succesfully transplanted to my 650's few years ago

    Does anyone know where to get them or have it on disk? Big thanks for any help, I will upload it to my static site, together with howto and tips.,as I found them all.
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    I believe i have an entire 680 ROM and then some (courtesy DG some time ago)
    I don't have access to my rather hefty archive right now, but once I get back I'll poke around and post back.

    stand by... aand we're live!

    I actually still keep a Treo 650 around now as a backup. I think I could learn a thing or two.
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    Big thanks. Now I have a full set to get my Treo working like years ago

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