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    Jesus, I been tryin to figure out how to get my hotmail with my treo. No luck with Xiino or Blazer. Well finally I got it.
    Eudoraweb (comes with eudora) seems to work just fine. I Browsed to
    clicked "MSN Hotmail"
    On the next screen I checked "hotmail" and put in my username and password and then boom I was at my hotmail inbox. Now I just bookmarked that page and I can go straight to it now after opening Eudoraweb. No pretty graphics, but seems to be functional.

    Anyone else access hotmail through treo?

    I've heard people use 2bAnywhere.

    Any other easy ways?

    anyone getting sms notifications from their hotmail?

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    I've been getting hotmail via blazer since someone posted the link below months ago.

    No problems since seems to be the same or similar link you're talking about.
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    Great! Im an *****. I wish I knew about that link a few days ago when I was ripping my hair out. Thanks though, it works like a gem!

    heh heh
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    Man, chalk up another ***** right here! Been using Gopherking and not looking to pay once the trial is up. Now I don't have to! Thanks mhm!

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    Any good link to Yahoo! Mail?

    I hate their mobile interface made for text cell phones.
    I want one similar to Hotmail's.
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    Interestingly enough if you go to on Blazer, you don't get a Hotmail link. What crappy tactics on MSoft's part.

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    Any good link to Yahoo! Mail?
    point your brower to:
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic

    point your brower to:
    Thanks for that link, but that's the mobile version I hate to use.
    To delete an email and return to the message list, you need to click about 5 times, and it's not fast.

    I tried deleting junk mail and it took forever. Wish they had a version with checkboxes like hotmail.
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    Using Blazer with the hotmial link above has been great for me. Now if only I could get it to actually sign me in automatically each time then I'd be in hellmail heaven. Anyone able to sign into hotmail automatically?

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