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    I've got a stowaway keyboard for my old visor and i wanted to
    knowif anyone knows the wiring diagram for the treo sync cable.
    I can get the parts to build an adapter, but i need a little help with wiring diagram. I tried microinnovations wireless keyboard, but it crashes because of the auto-off on the treo. If anyone knows a patch i would apreciate it. I just gotta have a way to type longer notes.
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    1st of all here is a solution (though not so goodlooking ;-):

    2nd - w.r.t auto-off of Treo - there is a hack called AlwaysOn which gives you a lots of options to set auto-off times up to 1 hour and even for 'always on'.

    Works for me when I use ICQ and leave the Treo on the table with the lid open and the ICQ running for a long time.

    When you succeed to come up with a nicer solution - could you please post it here - I've got a Stowaway kbd too - using it as a paperweight for now ;-)

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    You treo people are amazing! Thanks for the info and if I come up with a solution, I will share it as long as i get to keep the bragging rights.

    I wonder if the car charger connector has the right connections. They are cheap at bestbuy.
    Let me know if there is any other info about this mod.

    thanks fellow er
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    You can get all Wiring Schemes at HS Developers section.
    (Assuming those documents are still out there - If not, I have them backed up somewhere, since the time I thought of making a Car-Hands-Free Adaptor to my ericsson set)
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    I just thinks it sad that Handspring never made a keyboard in the first place, and a car holder for that instance.
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    The handspring site has the connector diagram but not for the visor connector. If miradu could send me a picture, it would make my project easier. Too bad he or she didn't read this post.

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