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    Last weekend we went to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

    On a personal note, I take offense to seeing so many things I remember the invention of labelled "artifacts," but I digress...

    It's pretty awesome there, going all the way from their beautiful working Babbage computer (fully mechanical polynomial evaluation!) up to Web 2.0. Growing up a mobile enthusiast waiting for the day where something like a Star Trekkian handheld device would be the norm, it's fun to see the exponential curve of tech history at this place.

    So I was super excited as we rounded the corner, finishing the section on the first "mobile computers" to the hand held devices where you're greeted by this:

    (stock photo... apparently i didn't take my own pic like i thought i did too distracted i guess)

    Next to that "Mobile Computing" banner is a full display on the PalmPilot, "the first widely popular handheld computing device!" It includes praise for "hand writing recognition that actually worked," a knock on the Newton which they criticize elsewhere. Most of their lit on the Pilot is here: The PalmPilot - CHM Revolution

    I believe the newest things in the museum were circa mid-2000's, so there's no mention of webOS (yet ). But there are some interesting bits about Palm's early days for the interested.
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