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    I just purchased a Treo 700WX. It started up fine and I installed a few programs on it. I then removed them to install on a new sd card. When I started up the unit it began installing a program on its own. I tried to stop but it is now running the rotating red green yellow blue square and none of the buttons will work. I have reset with the back reset location, pulled the battery, it starts back up but the square is still there with the moving circle and nohting works. Help is needed as I bought this as a gift and now I can't get it to work. Any ideas?
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    Have you tried a hard reset?

    That resets the Treo back to a clean slate, the offending program included. You'll have to reload you stuff (although it will be great if you use the onboard backup tool)
    but the Treo should work again.

    scroll down to the hard reset header, i believe that should be the procedure
    Palm Treo 700wx hard reset
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