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    Does anyone have a resource for polyphonic ringtones that are NOT songs?

    That is, I just like cool tones (already in a PDB, or just MIDI files, or whatever).

    I could spend a few hours making my own with one of the gagillion MIDI tools out there, but I'm far too lazy. And ringtones are far too superfluous.
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    I've been downloading a bunch of the polyphonic ringtone songs and they all sound corny to me. How cool is it to have Eminem's The Real Slim Shady or Metallica's Enter Sandman go off in a business setting? Talk about looking like a dork. It would be nice if someone out there know where to find some better ringtones.
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    > Talk about looking like a dork.

    My thoughts exactly. Just give me some cool sounds, not songs!
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    I think any ringing phone in a business setting is rude.

    Most of these things vibrate.
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    i designed a lot of the tones at treocentral as well as 2 collections on handango and palmgear. (just saying that so you know why i am responding, obviously you are not interested in the tones)

    i can tell you that there were a number of requests for non-song tones. the problem i had was that when i went looking online for midi files to start with, like sound effects or something, i could not find any. once i had the files, converting them to ringtones would be fairly easy.

    that said, i was not responsible for stuff like eminem. i'm an old guy so i did old songs. you might check out a couple of the jazz and classical, and marching/patriotic songs. i find them 'less annoying'... something like disney's main street parade, or the elephant walk...
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    Y'all remember Trek Sounds (now called "Tech Sounds")? Those sounds are kind of along the lines of what I want in a ringtone ... nice, non-melodic, short bursts of sound that are different enough to distinguish your ringer from the thousands of other Treos in the same meeting (okay, may be exaggerating a bit).

    That reminds me of a semi-related story. About a year ago, I was listening to All Things Considered on NPR. A reporter was interviewing somebody (don't remember who) when that person's Palm alarm went off. You could hear it clearly. It was the standard Palm datebook reminder sound (two descending tones repeated thrice): "dee doo. dee doo. dee doo." My first thought was "Do'h!" and my second thought was "What a dork, they're using the default sound."

    Tee hee.

    Yeah. Trek Sounds. Best hack ever.

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