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    I am considering buying WorldMate that I've been using for a few days now.
    I'm currently using Weather (Weather forecast), City time (World time) and 2xCalc (calculator/currency exchange/converter).

    Could you share your WorldMate experience and if you know any of the apps I'm using, how would they compare?
    Thank you!
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    I love my WorldMate. I use the alarm in it to get up every morning - check the weather daily (sync online), and convert from metric to standard. And I hope to use a few of the other features in there when I travel this summer.
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    Love this app!
    And to be able to update information on it wirelessly: Priceless!
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    Love it! It's great!
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    I have been using Abroad! for about two years and I love it.

    It does all the stuff WorldMate does except the weather. Comes with excellent documentation.

    The product is not being developed further but the Currency DB is still supported and is updated daily.

    It received PalmBVD and TuCows awards...

    I have the latest version 6.5 so if anyone wants a copy, email me at:
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    I just love it - programmed it inot one of the buttons combinations.

    The new release looks & works great.

    Only thing which could be added, is being able to save few travel list templates (Vacation, Work, Wife's ...)
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    I've been using WorldMate for about two weeks now and I like it (thank you for your input guys!).
    But but there is one feature missing, when traveling to a different time zone, that City Time provides:
    The ability to easily modify the device time to reflect local time, in order for your appointments, etc. to be on 'real time'.
    I hope that it will be added in a future release.

    For that reason, I run City Time and WorldMate together on my Treo!

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