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    Hey Guys-

    I have a question about BC. When you log onto to through a browser, you can bounce between services. The standard Exchange Inbox, then all the POP3 accounts you have setup by going to Preferences --> Change Service.

    My question is, how do you do this on your handset? When you check BC from the Treo, it takes you to the folder that was opened last when you last generated your keys.

    I have looked through all Sprint's white paper, and as usual, they have nothing listed.

    Has anyone ever been able to bounce between folders from the BC on the Treo rather than having to go to the browser and log in?

    Thanks for the help.

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    This is not possible with the Palm client.

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    Hello All-

    Just got off the phone - thank God for headsets - after 1.5 hours waiting.

    This is what Tier 2 says -

    "whatever settings you can specify on the Business Connection client for the web, you can also specify for the Palm Business Connection client."

    That was their entire resolve. Of course, he could not tell me how to do it, because the he did not have experience with a Treo. I said, "the client is the same, no matter what the phone" and he said "no, it is specifc to the phone".

    So - the question now becomes, how much crack was this guy smoking while he was on the phone with me?

    Does anyone know if the client is actually different per phone? I don't think so, but I thought I would ask.


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    They only offer one client--for Palm OS. PPC users have to access BC through a browser. The Palm client can only access the corporate e-mail account, not any POP accounts that have been added. For those you'll have to use a browser.

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    I can check my POP email account through my Palm client. The problem is that I only get 1 selection at a time. It is really strange, but if the last folder I had open online was my added POP folder, then I generate keys, that is the folder which opens on my Treo, using the Palm client.

    If the last folder I looked at was my Exchange folder, then I regen my keys, then that is the folder I get, and I cannot see my POP folder.


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    I have to check my Palm client now for this functionality. I'll write again after I do.

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    I believe the easiest answer would be to program the Outlook on your desktop with the MS Exchange Service and all the Internet Mail Services you want. This will deliver everything into your Exchange mailbox and it will then get forwarded to your phone and be available on the web through BC.
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    It is amazing.... that noone can figure this out.. because I sure as hell couldn't for the LONGEST time! It is sort of hidden!!

    My business connection only opened the last thing I looked at on the web that was opened... in fact, it would SYNC what was on the web and I couldn't figure out why once.

    SOOO if you want to open your POP 3 or any other email accounts from your handset... EASY!!!

    1) Go to the Sprint PCS Home page on Blazer.

    2) Pick Messaging

    3) Pick BusinessConnect

    4) Click Personal (or Enterprise if it is on your server at work not desktop)

    5) Go to Preferences

    6) Go to Change Service

    NOW you will see the list of services (email accounts) and you can choose one to use!

    I hope this helps someone out becuase it took me forever to figure this out one time.

    (You can not use the software to access more than one account however, only blazer or web browser)

    Please tell me if this helped you.


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