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    I'm not sure that the settings are correct for the Treo 300 that I have. When I got the Treo several months ago, I set the Prefs, Network, Service to "NSU Alpha", which I think is a Windows RAS service. I had upgraded from a Treo 180 with a Xircom Springport Modem to the Sprint Treo 300. A hotsync pulled over these settings. I push the button on the top to connect to sprint, then the web button to browse the internet, then it dials to the NSU Alpha service connect to our schools network thru a phone number that it dials. Then I can browse the internet and pull down my email. This is the problem, because my phone bill is HUGE. All my minutes are under "casual use PCS wireles web minutes" which are charged at a premium rate. I have a plan that includes PCS Wireless Web.

    I need to know how to set this thing up right. What is the correct service to select in Prefs, Network, Service? What is the correct way to pull my pop3 mail?
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    It appears that you are connecting to the web via direct dial ISP. If your Treo300 is provisioned for the Sprint's 3G network, then you should see Sprint-username as one of the selections in System/Preferences/Network/Service list. Make sure you activate your vision account on Sprint's website. Choose Sprint-username as your network default, then your Treo will connect to Sprint's network and should not be charged a penny if you have unlimited vision. Search this forum for an email client you want to use such as Eudora.

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