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    Anybody know if it is possible to replace the standard phone book app w/ Keycontacts? When I say replace I mean get the dialier / phone app to recognize it instead of the standard phone book. Thanks.
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    Unfortunately they aren't there yet.

    I currently sync both key contacts with outlook and have outlook overwrite the addressbook. I have posted a few things in "troubleshooting section", and note that "sprinter" has as well.

    I have gotten an e-mail back from chapura (key contacts, pocketmirror) they are working on it....maybe next update.
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    Thanks for the info. That's what I also do. I would like to be able to delete the orginial phone book app to save space.
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    We have had some good discussions on using KeyContacts. Do a search for KeyContacts (without the space in between) and I think you will find some useful info. To answer your question, though, no you cannot use it to replace the Contact program in the dialer. What I have done, though is just set one of my buttons (the Blazer button) to bring up KeyContacts instead. Then I just push one button and type in part of the name and I am dialing.
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