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    I got aol.prc from handago today to try it out. It works beautifully, but there is one problem - even after I signed out of the service, turned the phone on and off (and then reconnected to vision), the treo would randomly turn the 1xRTT arrows green (and suck up the battery). Finally had to delete aol.prc and life went back to normal.

    just fyi

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    Same thing happened to me. Even if I deleted aol, I would still need to cycle the radio on and off. Dissapointing becasue the aol program worked well and was pretty cool.

    Luckily Handango didn't give me any trouble.

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    Has anyone not experienced the above problems? Is anyone using aol3.0 successfully?

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    Very successfully but on a 270! I think a lot of folks have been successful on the 300 as well.
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    To recieve or send your email on a Treo 300 using an existing AOL account, just go to for AOL Anywhere. There are no sign on problems (unless you just go straight to I have noticed that Handago sells AOL software for $20.00--I see no need for this.

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