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    Anyone have suggestions on cool wireless websites besides the basic ones listed on the Handspring, SprintPCS, Palm sites?
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    It's a directory of other sites specifically formatted for handheld devices.
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    Thanks yanbanducci! I found some other sites described in the General board too.
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    Originally posted by manu
    Too bad ASP pages don't work on our Treo
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    Originally posted by 98GSR

    Too bad ASP pages don't work on our Treo
    ASP is server side programming and, therefore, is not incompatible with the Treo. But the Javascript used on this site, and, quite likely, the video, is not supported on the Treo.

    Web developers out there who want to make palm-friendly pages should read the CSS articles at Using CSS positioning codes instead of tables is one way to make sites very blazer-friendly.
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