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    i would like to see people post there download speed using the treo 300 as a wireless modem attached to there computer. here is a nice speed test i would be happy if every one used the first one listed.

    i use a compaq armada 1700 with IR on windows 98

    First Run
    22065bps, 22Kbps (2.6KBps)
    26168bps, 26Kbps

    if you want to convert the Kb(Kilobits) to KB(kilobytes) then divide the Kb by 8 and that will give you the KB.
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    Don't trust the results from dslreports. Instead, try download a compressed file from a website. The downloading speed I got with wireless modem via irComm is 40-50 Kbps (850k file) or 70-90 (250k file). I still have no clue why the speed goes down with a larger file.
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    i have downloaded programs and small exe files and still get around the same speed as that test, my download speeds may start out high like 22KB then go down to 14KB and keep going down and then ends up stayin around 3.5KB - 5KB, note this is with one bar of signal, i need to try this in another area where i get more bars to see the difference.
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    Our results are exactly the same. I don't think more signal bars will improve the speed, because my Samsung A500 gets 144K constantly at the same location.

    Among the phones I've tried (4900, N400, LG 5350, A500), Samsung phones have the best speed, 144K vs. 40-70 of others. I noticed that Samsung is the only one who uses its own modem driver instead of Windows' built-in one. Seems to me this driver breaks the 115200 limit and allows Samsung vision phones to reach the full speed of SPCS's 3G network.

    I also tried a serial cable and the results are the same of IrComm. I still cannot make my Mac to work with WirelessModem. Once I'm convinced that USB will give me better speed, I'll develop the USB driver.
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    In the evenings, using Wireless Modem, a USB cable, and Mac OS X, I can download at speeds of 8 KBps - 14 KBps (from our home about 10 mins north of the GGB). This is sustained from a server and a compressed file.

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