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    Ok, I have an old PalmPilot Professional. I just got the 2mb upgrade. I have searched high and low to find the PalmOS 3.5 Upgrade software for the Palm III. I am either looking for a rom image, the installer, or the palm mobile internet kit cd. Please someone help a poor soul!
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    Wow. Just... wow.

    Shock abated, you're right. All links are dead without But FWIW, it looks like a 4.1 update was available for the Palm III also if you want to refocus your search.
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    Start here?

    Palm Support : Palm Desktop for Palm OS devices

    I don't know your device, but I have the Treo 180 - PalmOS 3.5. I run Palm desktop 4.1.4. I think 4.1.4 (or 4.1.4e) is the latest Palm desktop you can run & retain compatibility with POS 3.5

    I don't know about device OS upgrades here - I installed a fix once, but the device won't run anything more recent than 3.5, so never had to deal with this.

    Anyway, my thought is that when the battery dies, the whole device can be restored via hotsync - does that include the OS? Or is it in firmware? I don't know, but my first thought is that you could back up the device, erase, download the latest desktop and do a clean install, then restore the data back ups...

    I guess you need to know or discover the process for upgrading the device OS.

    I have the install cd, but don't know if those files would be relevant to your device.

    Maybe something here?
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