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    I'm stuck with the treo. I tried some ATT phones, but the combination of all my phone numbers and more importantly, datebk5 on the treo prevents me from moving off. However, I would dearly like to know if there are any rumors about upcoming handsets from handspring? I need dual band (800 mz cdma) badly because my house is a sprint dead zone and I need to roam onto verizon.

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    This summer apparently. Not hard to guess, but I would imagine OS 5.0, high-res screen, mp3, memory slot
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    According to the article, the only thing known about this new treo is that it will be "a major redesign" which insinuates are completely new form factor perhaps? Well I hope so b/c by this summer, the Treo27/300 are gonna look very dated indeed. HS needs to hit a home run here if it want to survive and I certainly hope it does...

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