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    Hi all,
    I've been very successfully using Quick Chat (AOL IM) on T-Mobile (SMS) for a few months on my lowly Visorphone - great app - BUT the combo seems to no longer work since Friday. I can't log in to AOL IM - well, to be precise, I actually can log in but Quick Chat doesn't think the log in occured, so QC doesn't work. Am I alone? Is anyone else's Quick Chat still working? (my guess is the AOL IM T-Mobile bridge changed protocols slightly and Quick Chat broke?)


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    Yeah, I noticed that. Luckily enough though, about a week and a half ago, I finally got sick of Quick Chat being so slow (and specifically, preventing the double click option from working in my KeyCapsHack), so I started working on my own.

    It's not really ready for release yet, but seeing as Quick Chat is no longer working, I figured I'd put out what's done now with the warning that this is alpha level software.

    It's very similar to Quick Chat in the interface, but there are some significant differences.

    Please, backup your device before using this, as I have not tested it nearly well enough yet. Also, I've never used it on a VisorPhone, only the Treo.

    I've attached the PRC file here. Please e-mail me with bugs and feature requests.

    When it's done, it will be released free of charge, with full source code available, under the GNU GPL.
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    After reading these I tested my QuickChat, and it worked just fine...
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    The QuickChat page on PalmGear now says:
    *** NOTE: AOL has changed their wireless message format. An updated version will be released soon to allow QuickChat to work with this new format. ***
    I've been using my program (SMS Chat for now, please let me know if you can come up with a better name) instead of Quick Chat and it seems to be working fairly reliably. I've attached the latest build to my previous message here.

    A quick rundown of the differences between SMS Chat and Quick Chat:
    • If you receive a control message (buddy added, signed on, etc.) outside the application, instead of getting the option to just launch it, it just processes the message, and lets you know. You don't have to leave your current application
    • If you receive a message from a buddy outside the application, it pops up with the message and lets you respond without leaving your current application.
    • When you receive a message from a contact not on your buddy list, you get a popup with the message, and the option to add the buddy to your list or reply without adding.
    • No graphics, yet. They will be coming.
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    The first official release of SMS Chat is available now. Get it here.
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    ... looks like Quick Chat has been pulled by the author. I'm still waiting for a fix ...

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