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    I am new to this whole PDA thing. I just had a Treo 90 given to me.
    Is the only way to input something, by the keyboard. I can't use my pen thingy to write it? Graffiti ..I think it is called.

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    You can use Graffiti if you install a program to allow it. Handspring provides a licensed copy of RecoEcho+ for that purpose. Download it here. Other programs will work too, but you might as well start with that one.
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    Handspring offers a software program called RecoEcho for free to all Treo owners... go here to download it:

    It adds the ability to write on the screen directly to enter Graffitti strokes.
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    Thanks for the info. I am trying to decide...

    I have my choice of the Treo 90 or a Palm M100

    I like the Palm because I can use Graffit.. but.. I like the Treo because it seems to have more.. and it is color. I also see that the Treo is discontinued... should I be warry of that?

    What do you think ?
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    Since you are posting to the Treocentral discussion, chances are that those here chose the Treo. For those who want a phone/pda combo, a Treo is a clearer choice. Handspring seems to be getting out of the plain organizer business, which I think is a shame since I like my Treo 90, and I liked my Visors too. You can use Graffitti on the T90, as mentioned above.

    Why a Treo 90?
    It's small and light, has a color screen, keyboard, 16 MB, and a secure digital card slot for memory expansion. The keyboard is the distinctive feature. It may be discontinued, but Handspring has a good track record for supporting their hardware (if it breaks under warranty, you can quickly swap it for a new one). Not too much software is so model specific that it needs to be written for a given handheld, so its utility should not change if Handspring makes no more of them. As far as that goes, it's the OS version that matters, and the T90 runs Palm OS 4.1. (Handspring ROMS cannot be updated as can Palm ROMS. It isn't a problem.) Technology moves fast enough that you are unlikely to replace any worn out handheld with the same version, from any vendor. Just buy for what it does, and for a company standing behind it to keep it working. Unfortunately, it seems there won't be a Handspring successor to the 90, as they will make only phone/pda combos.

    A Palm m100 seems an odd thing to compare. Palm's site only goes as far back as the m105, but if the prices are at all similar, go for the much nicer Treo. (m100 has 1/8 the RAM, slower serial hotsync, no expansion, monochrome, no rechargeable batteries) If you want a rock-bottom price check out the Zire or a used PDA.
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    The Treo90 ROM is actually upgradeable. But it's not likely HS will have many upgrades, if any, in the furture. They new ones have all been upgraded to 4.1H3, which gives you SDIO support through the slot. This enables any SDIO accessories (cameras, bluetooth, mp3 players and modems are in the works) to run on the 90. The upgrade for older units is free from the HS website.

    And I agree that there is no comparision between the M100 and the Treo90. They're in two different realms. 2megs, as with the Zire are only for people who want to use the addressbook and datebook and never install another app. With SD cards now at a gigabyte, the possibilities become staggering for what you can keep on a Treo90. And if you enter a lot of text, the thumboard is great.

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