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    ever since someone beamed me photos from their visor which they had used the eyemodule for, i've wanted a camera for the treo, thing is as i've read alot no one seems to be getting newhere with one!

    theres the idea of using the kodak palmpix approach and using the sync port, which i can see a huge market for.

    Theres those hopeful that somehow a springboard module will be made for the treo so that we can add extras like the camera.

    And a little idea i had was is there a low budget digital camera that can beam the pictures via ir?

    If we could do this we could just take the photos and then view them in a picture viewer nicely on the color screen.

    Anyone got any ideas what kind of program could do this? i know the pictures would have to be small, theres not going to be any 1200x1024 shots, but you see the cheap pocket cameras could use ir ports to transfer over and then software on the palm could read in the shots, most are in jpeg format already so i dont really see that much trouble?

    Anyways, love to hear your views, especially if you've managed to do it!!
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    I use Casio's wrist camera. It is able to take pics and the watch can beem to my treo. Casio has the palm software on the casio site. Then I mail them with snapper mail. The watch is about 200.00 but its very 007. Hope this helps.
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    hmmm, thats an interesting option,
    nice but quite expensive if you want color....

    has neone else seen a digital camera with a infared port? there was the one with the nokia 9210 but i doubt that would work...

    thanks for your reply badflht, good to know its possible!

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