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    If you click on the link on the TreoCentral main page for the $349.99 price on, you are taken to a page (at least on my browser) that lists the old price of $299.99 with rebates and the caption "This item is not stocked or has been discontinued." Fair enough, good things don't last forever. But then if you search for the Treo 300 on Amazon, you are taken to the "old?" page with the $299.99 price.

    I went ahead and put this item in my shopping cart and no error message came up. I stopped short of actually purchasing a 2nd treo.

    Now, it couldn't be that once you commit to a purchase, they send you an email saying, oh, by the way, don't expect the $150 rebates we promised?

    There must be a simple explanation for this.

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    I'm not sure of the current pricing at Amazon, but I bought my Treo 300 there in November and am still struggling to get my $200 rebate. I've submitted the rebate paperwork three times and they still haven't got it right. On the bright side, I only had to go back to Sprint twice to get my $50 rebate from them.

    Sorry a little off topic, but I'm getting a little ticked!

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